From 20 September to 31 October, a special offer for facial skin diagnosis for Veselības centrs 4 client card * holders. After the summer, it is important to carefully assess the condition of your skin, both at home and using the latest medical technologies.

The VISIA diagnostic system available at the Anti-Aging Institute uses a multipoint positioning system and artificial intelligence.
The integrated VISIA software analyses several skin conditions (UV ray damage, pigmentation, presence of bacteria, signs of ageing, etc.) simultaneously during the examination, stores the images and compares the information obtained with the global databases.

Moreover, VISIA can be used to simulate the condition and appearance of the facial skin in the future – until the old age. Forecasting changes allows you to act immediately to reduce not only unwanted signs of ageing, but also to get ahead and prevent serious skin health issues.

Get an appointment for an examination by VISIA system by a dermatologist:
Tel.: 25418181, 67847718
18 Baznīcas Street, Riga


* A client card can be purchased at any SIA Veselības centrs 4 branch after reading the terms and conditions of the loyalty programme and completing the application form. The price of the client card – 7 EUR. Client card for children, seniors and patients with disability card – 4 EUR. Client card (family card) – 10 EUR.