Date of publication: 18.03.2019.

160-Lsyer computer tomography device purchased by Veselības centrs 4

Veselības centrs 4 replaced the computed tomography (CT) device of the previous generation with a premium class Canon 160-layer computed tomography system Aquilion Prime SP, which meets the highest quality standards, provides high resolution, impeccable performance rate and opportunity to get excellent cross cut images.

Advantages of the device:

  • reduced radiation dose. This is especially important for patients who need to repeat the examination for various reasons or undergo lung screening;
  • a new special detector provides high-quality image and dose balance. This allows to perform angiography with a smaller amount of contrast medium for blood vessel examinations, which is important for patients suffering from kidney diseases;
  • the technology of new generation provides precise examination of blood vessels, the images are more contrast enhanced, with better blood vessel visualisation;
  • scanning is very fast; therefore, the patient can undergo an examination without holding his/her breath. The device is suitable for patients who cannot control posture and movement or cannot cooperate with physician (for example, hold their breath). Precise diagnosis can be promptly established even in difficult cases;
  • a large gantry opening (reaching 78 cm) makes the examination more comfortable, and the improved lifting power of the patient''s table allows to carry out examinations of overweight patients (up to 315 kg);
  • personalized examinations are possible – the examinations parameters can be easily modified on the operator''s panel for each patient depending on the clinical needs;
  • improved visualization for patients with metal implants.  Improved visualization for patients after orthopaedic surgeries with metal implants.

Examinations are carried out in the Computed Tomography Office of Veselības centrs 4, 115 K. Barona street.
Find out more and get an appointment for an examination! Tel.: 67847201, e-mail:

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