Date of publication: 18.07.2019.

Stem cells obtained from fat tissues

Ltd. Veselības Centrs 4 offers the opportunity to obtain stem cells from patient''s own fat tissues during a plastic surgery or mini liposuction (with a mini skin incision under local anaesthesia). This valuable material ensuring the natural regeneration of the body can later be used in treatment and beauty care.

When therapy is applied, damaged cells are replaced with added stem cells. It means that stem cells are transformed into target cells in the living organism or stem cells secret growth factors and cytokines stimulating the surrounding tissues by forming functional cells.

Stem cells are used:

  • in case of severe burns for skin regeneration processes;
  • to smoothen scars;
  • after surgeries;
  • to treat deep bed sores;
  • in case of severe body damages;
  • to reduce the signs of skin ageing – a safe alternative to Botox injections with 5-year effect.

Great potential of stem cells from fat tissue

Fat tissue is a significant storage of vital cells for the body, including stem cells and so-called progenitor cells. Fat tissue contains a large number of dormant stem cells (it has been studied that an especially significant number of such cells – pericytes – are found near the walls of the fat tissue). They are activated in cases of special need, for example, when the tissue has been injured. Regeneration and healing processes take place when cells are activated, until the functional activity of the tissues is restored.


Only autologous tissues obtained from the patient are used during the stem cell procedure, therefore there is no risk of infection, allergy or rejection by the immune system.

! Stem cells are most frequently extracted from abdominal fat tissue. Stem cells are sensitive to vibration and pressure, therefore stem cells are manually collected through liposuction cannulas. Stem cells are extracted from the obtained fat tissues and used for procedures in the clinic or stored in the Riga Stem Cell Center iVF.

The cost of mini liposuction to extract stem cells from fat tissues starting from 150 EUR.

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