Date of publication: 16.03.2020.


Prophylaxis of possible spread of COVID-19 virus

For safety of patients and staff, ''Veselības Centrs 4'' invites patients to acquaint themselves with and observe the safety measures implemented by the company.


  • To observe social distancing in queues to registration counters and windows.
  • To observe social distancing in the premises of the institution.
  • To put the clothes in the wardrobe or to leave them in their intended places.
  • Reduce the number of people accompanying you.
  • To disinfect hands before making any payments (cash, payment cards) and giving anything to other persons.
  • Use personal health protection equipment if possible.
  • Complete the patient survey form in good faith (confirm by signing).
  • Observe the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health on activities in case:
    - you have been in the areas affected by the pandemic,
    - have been in contact with infected persons,
    - have suspicions of possible COVID-19 infection.

The following safety measures are taken in ''Veselības Centrs 4'' branches and group companies:

  • Increased ventilation of premises.
  • Closed-type air disinfection during opening hours of the institution.
  • Opened-type air disinfection after opening hours of the institution.
  • Disinfection of work and contact surfaces.
  • Provision of hand disinfection using appropriate disinfectants in registration area.
  • Indication of the recommended distance at registration counters and windows.

All consultations, procedures and operations take place in ''Veselības Centrs 4'' branches and group companies as usually, observing additional safety measures. If you would like to cancel your appointment, please inform us timely by calling the registration office.

WE REMIND YOU! Doctors will increase availability of online consultations for your convenience. You can apply for a consultation at the website

Thank you for your cooperation!
''Veselības Centrs 4'' Administration

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