Date of publication: 01.10.2019.

I recovered what I thought I had lost!

After the birth of my third child, my vaginal cavity became very dry.  This caused big discomfort and made me worry about my health and quality of my sexual life in the future. At first, the gynaecologist advised me to use suppositories to solve this problem. Unfortunately, medications did not help.

A friend of mine told me to consult Dr. Ella Ņesterenko. Together with the doctor we understood that MonaLisa Touch® procedure would be the most effective solution. The procedure had to be done three times with several week interval, and it is fast and almost painless. Dr. Ņesterenko sensitive and caring attitude Helped me a lot. A preventive procedure is periodically required after the end of the active course.

Improvements followed quickly, and they are amazing. I can confidently say that the achieved result is worth the time and money spent. I recovered what I thought I had lost!

(Jekaterina, 35)

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