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Physical medicine is one of the clinical medicine fields occupying a significant place in treatment of many diseases, medical rehabilitation and disease prevention.

Physical medicine uses both transformed (electricity, light, ultrasound, etc.) and non-transformed (water, mud, sun, etc.) natural resources. New equipment provides for both stronger and combined impact of physical factors ob various illnesses. Thinking about the customer''s early recovery, physical medicine procedures can be combined in many ways, as well as a number of them can be used during one visit.

Today''s'' physical medicine methods are harmless for the organism, stimulate the organism''s resistance and ability to develop immunity to infectious agents.

Physical therapy procedures are effective both as a part of a general treatment plan and as sole treatment methods in case of many organism illnesses. Physical medicine procedures are used with very good results in treatment of chronic diseases. Most often it is back pain caused by weakness of back muscles or a herniated disk, joint pain in case of joint arthritis and deforming arthroses.

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