Basic information

Provides consultations of a surgeon's oncologist, mammologist, performs ultrasonography examinations of the breasts.

Advises both women and men on all breast health problems: benign, oncological, inflammatory diseases and, if necessary, performs diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations (punctures, biopsies, drainage ultrasonography control).

Also provides consultations and surgery for patients with skin and soft tissue diseases, including skin cancer, melanoma, sarcomas.

Advises patients on all oncological profile issues related to the development of examination, treatment and monitoring tactics for patients with gastrointestinal oncological diseases, both before and after surgery and after combination treatment.

Provides paid and paid services of insurance companies.

Education and work experience


Doktora grāds (specialitāte – onkoloģija)


Latvijas Universitātes doktorantūra (nozare – medicīna, apakšnozare – onkoloģija un hematoloģija)


Ķirurgs Onkoloģijas centrā


Internatūra ķirurģijā, Rīgas 7. slimnīca (slimnīca ''Gaiļezers'')


Rīgas Medicīnas institūts, Ārstniecības fakultāte

Regulāri paaugstina savu kvalifikāciju un zināšanas starptautiskajos un vietējos semināros un kursos, stažējies ārzemju klīnikās

Branches in which patients are admitted


I never thought, that a surgery can turn out to be a pleasant adventure! For this, I would like to thank the medical team led by Dr. Andrejs Srebnijs. I also would like to express huge gratitude to the nurse Līvija Nigule for her perfect attitude and pampering me throughout my stay. Only love for own job and heart warmth allows people to give this warmth to other people with such generosity.
Thank you all for your great attitude!
Good luck with your future works!

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