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General Practitioner, Anthroposophy Physician

In Germany and Switzerland mastered therapy with mistletoe (Viscum album) and Christmas rose (Helleborus Niger) - these plants restore immune system and help in treatment of many diseases. Mostly used in oncology and treatment of diseases affecting the organism''s homeostasis, i. e., balance – precancerous conditions, allergies, autoimmune, viral diseases, etc.

In her practice strives prescribing antibiotics as little as possible and achieve good results with anthroposophical pharmaceutical substances in case of inflammatory diseases of urinary tracts and upper respiratory tracts – especially important for children.Teaches parents understanding and managing the temperature processes for themselves and their children. Combines modern medicine achievements and centuries-old experience, thus achieving the highest efficiency in treatment of diseases.


  • additional therapy of malignant tumours during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as after it (helps enduring chemotherapy and restoring and maintaining the immune system factors, efficiency, mood, reducing impact of chemotherapy on the organism''s healthy cells);
  • therapy of virus B and C hepatitis, when conventional means cannot be used due to medical indications or at the patient''s discretion;
  • treatment of benign diseases – fibrocystic mastopathies, cervical erosions, benign prostate hyperplasia, etc.;
  • treatment of autoimmune diseases;
  • additional therapy of depression;
  • treatment of joint pathologies;
  • strengthening of immune system after long treatment of infectious diseases with antibacterial therapy;
  • activation of stem cells.

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