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Return of treatment fees

Do you permanently live in the UK? Use your right to return the cost of medical services paid in Latvia!

Anyone has the opportunity to be healthy, and if you happen to need help of a qualified physician, and not just another dose of Paracetamol, Medrefund can solve it! Moreover, the costs will be covered by the country you reside in.

Medrefund is a company that has experience of working with medical institutions in Latvia and other countries of the European Union (EU) and providing a new, unique service in the market of medical tourism. The company is able to quickly find the right physician, inform you about your rights when paying for medical services, and refund the money spent on treatment.

The EU directive sets that a patient has the right to choose a service company in any EU country and receive money that the country would pay to the physicians for the patient in their country of residence. This means that UK residents can undergo treatment in Latvia and receive money allocated for treatment by the National Health Service (NHS).

Contact us (by e-mail:, call us at:+44 (0) 7999 090 728), if you go to a physician in Latvia:

  • Receive emergency or urgent medical care in case of acute issues.
  • Receive outpatient services, for instance, physician consultations, various types of diagnostics, dental services, physician''s assistance in a day care facility, arthroscopic knee surgery, vein surgery, vision correction surgery, etc.
  • Receive in-patient care by spending at least one night in hospital. In this case, you may need to obtain a permission issued in the UK before hospitalisation in order to recover costs. Therefore, we recommend contacting us before you leave to undergo treatment, so that you can get permission and plan your trip.

IMPORTANT! Money can be refunded for medical services only, not for services for aesthetic purposes or beauty care.

Additional information about money recovery: