Medical Center at Shopping Mall ''Spice''

29 Lielirbes Street, Riga, LV-1046

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+371 29993706

Monday: 10.00–21.00

Tuesday: 10.00–21.00

Wednesday: 10.00–21.00

Thursday: 10.00–21.00

Friday: 10.00–21.00

Saturday:  10.00–21.00

Sunday: 10.00–21.00

For the convenience of residents and visitors of Pardaugava and other districts of Riga, the branch of ''Health Center 4'' is located in the premises of the Spice Shopping Center. In the hectic everyday life, visitors of the shopping center have an excellent opportunity to save time by combining shopping with the possibility of health prevention and medical services.

The following medical services are provided at the medical center:

  • Vaccination and free consultation on traveler vaccination,
  • Podologist services (foot care specialist services),
  • Consultation and procedures of dermatologist and venereologist,
  • Resident doctor consultation (within the competence of a gastroenterologist and family doctor),
  • Technical orthopedist consultation and podometry,
  • Laser hair removal.

Important! Covid-19 vaccination takes place on Thursdays by appointment.

Available services:

Cosmetologist (Diana Baikova)
Podiatrist (Elita Daniela, Linda Medne, Liga Shcherbakova, Anete Valaine)
Technical orthopedist (Daria Nesterovica, Renate Frisfelde)
Dermatologist, venereologist (Yelizaveta Pavlova)
Resident doctor (Ilja Yeliseyev)


Invalids ikona 01Provided access for people with disabilities.