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Health center 4

''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. is one of the largest private multi-profile medical institutions in Latvia, taking care of its patients already for 25 years.

Our main directions of activity are diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine.

''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. offers to its patients diagnostics and treatment facilities, which are ensured by using the latest generation diagnostics equipment, starting from blood analyses to magnetic resonance.

Currently, we are proud of our modern accredited laboratory, powerful service of visual diagnostics, which is equipped with expert-class ultrasonics equipment, digital x-rays and mammography equipment, the latest generation computed tomography and magnetic resonance technologies. Precise diagnostics ensure successful treatment; therefore, our clinics offer full range of medical facilities, starting from paediatricians and general practitioners up to specialists of various fields, thus ensuring professional environment of health examinations, which can provide assistance to a patient during each stage of treatment.

An important constituent of every treatment process is rehabilitation, and our doctors – rehabilitators, physiotherapists, physical medicine, massage, body aesthetics specialists and many other specialists – ensure restoration of physical and mental capabilities of our patients.

''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. team consists of excellent professionals in their field, who have specialised in their own area, following the latest global trends in their field on regular basis.

''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. includes several branches and group companies. More information in the section Branches >>

''Veselības centrs 4'', Ltd. offers services, which are paid by the National Health Service (NHS) and insurance companies, and services paid by a patient.

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