Client Card Conditions

Client Card Conditions and the Loyalty Programme:

  1. Any natural person, who has completed the application form and agreed to these conditions, can become a participant of the loyalty programme and receive the Client Card.
  2. The Conditions are available and the Application Form can be received and completed at any subsidiary of HC4. The Client (Client's representative) shall complete the mandatory fields in the Application Form, indicate the date of completion of the Application Form and affix own signature.

The signature of the Client (Client's representative) on the Application Form confirms, that:

  1. The Client (Client's representative) has become acquainted with the Conditions and agrees to them; the Client (Client's representative) has given consent, according to which it allows processing of personal data in the amount and pursuant to the procedure indicated in the Conditions and the Application Form in order to receive the advantages and benefits offered by the Client Loyalty Programme of HC4.
  2. HC4 and the Client (Client's representative) have concluded a contract, the content and extent of which is specified by the completed Application Form and these Conditions.
  3. The Client (Client's representative) agree to receipt of commercial notifications from HC4 concerning the services, health promotion activities and advertising campaigns offered by HC4 to the e-mail address and/or phone number indicated in the Application Form. The Client is eligible to opt out of receipt of commercial notifications in accordance with provisions of regulatory enactments.
  1. When submitting the completed Application Form, the Client (Client's representative) shall present to the employee of HC4 an identity document of the Client (Client's representative), so that the employee could identify the Client (Client's representative).
  2. The Advantages of the Loyalty Programme are available at
  3. The Advantages are not effective, when making a patient's contribution for state (NHS) paid services, when making a patient's co-payment in the case of health insurance policies. The Advantages cannot be combined with other discount programmes, except separate cases announced in informative channels of HC4.

Information on the Client Card:

  1. Fee for receipt of the Client Card – according to the approved pricelist of HC4.
  2. The Client Card is valid for an indefinite period.
  3. The Client Card is intended for use only at branches of HC4 or cooperation partners of HC4. The Client Card is not a payment card or credit card. When receiving a service, employees of HC4 are entitled to request the holder of the Client Card to present an identity document.
  4. Discounts are not effective, if the Client Card of another person is presented.
  5. Damaged (scratched, broken etc.) Client Card is not valid.
  6. HC4 does not assume liability for any loss, if the Client Card is stolen, damaged or recognised as being invalid.
  7. In the case of losing or damaging the Client Card, a new card can be received, after completing the Application Form repeatedly. The price of the restored Client Card – according to the approved pricelist of HC4.