'' Health centre 4 '' spotlights


Endovenous surgery leaders meet at an international forum in Riga

''2nd Northern European Endovenous Forum'' (NEEF) took place in Riga from 17 – 19 August.


Stem cells obtained from fat tissues

Ltd. Veselības Centrs 4 offers the opportunity to obtain stem cells from patient''s own fat tissues during a plastic surgery or mini liposuction (with a mini skin incision under local anaesthesia). This valuable material ensuring the natural regeneration of the body can later be used in treatment and beauty care.

Nozares jaunumi

GE Voluson E10 for particularly complicated cases

The most recent version of General Electric (GE) ultrasound machine Voluson E10 is now available for gynaecologists and obstetricians of Capital Clinic Riga, company of Veselības centrs 4 group. It is a highly valued expert class ultrasound machine used in gynaecology, reproductive medicine and perinatal diagnostics all over the world.


I recovered what I thought I had lost!

A short time ago, the Health Center 4 'Gynecology Department welcomed thousands of customers who had a MonaLisa Touch® laser procedure using the DEKA laser. We asked Yekaterina to share the experience of the procedure and its results.

Sievietes veselībai

160-Lsyer computer tomography device purchased by Veselības centrs 4

Veselības centrs 4 replaced the computed tomography (CT) device of the previous generation with a premium class Canon 160-layer computed tomography system Aquilion Prime SP, which meets the highest quality standards, provides high resolution, impeccable performance rate and opportunity to get excellent cross cut images.


Cyanoacrylate or biological adhesive also against haemorrhoids

Rectal diseases are those, we are speaking about and addressing a doctor only in case of extreme need. In terms of prevalence, the most widespread are haemorrhoids; however, more than 10 types of haemorrhoid surgeries are used for treatment of this disease worldwide (LONGO, STARR, HET, HAL- RAL, EVRF, Liga Sure, THD, RAFAELO, laser therapy etc.), which are available also at ''Health Center 4'', Ltd. Now the extensive range of treatment methods is supplemented by the cyanoacrylate (biological adhesive) method.