Date of publication: 10.03.2021.

New! Eye laser surgery with Optimis FUSION combined YAG/SLT laser for glaucoma treatment

Capital Clinic Riga Ophthalmology Office has been equipped with Quantel Medical combined YAG/SLT laser Optimis FUSION of the latest generation for treating glaucoma and secondary cataract. Laser surgery is performed by ophthalmologist Solveiga Čivljaka, MD.

Optimis FUSION laser capabilities

Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) with YAG laser

Selective laser trabeculoplasty is a procedure reducing pressure in the eye or intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. SLT is a so-called 'cold' laser; it is used as the primary treatment for early glaucoma; it can be used in combination with glaucoma drug treatment or as an alternative if the intraocular pressure cannot be reduced sufficiently using eye drops.

How is the selective laser trabeculoplasty performed?

Anaesthetic eye drops are used before the procedure. The pupils don't get dilated, so there is no short-term change in the near vision.  A gel-filled laser contact lens is placed on the eye, through which a laser works on the drainage system of the inner fluid of the eye, resulting in biochemical changes that improve the drainage of the inner fluid of the eye and reduce the pressure.

After the procedure, the eye pressure reducing eye drops are administered for prevention, as ''pressure spike'' is one of the possible, but rare and short-term complications. After the procedure, anti-inflammatory eye drops should be administered for prevention for one week.

Laser iridotomy with YAG laser

It is applied to treat narrow-angle (closed-angle) glaucoma, which occurs when the anterior chamber angle of the eye between the cornea and the iris is too narrow, so the iris blocks the drainage of the eye's internal fluid, increasing the intraocular pressure. During laser iridotomy, a small hole is made in the iris, the anterior chamber angle is unblocked, and the inner fluid of the eye is drained more effectively, which lowers the intraocular pressure.

The laser iridotomy is performed in a way similar to selective laser trabeculoplasty. Anaesthetic eye drops are administered before the procedure; the procedure is painless.

Secondary cataract dissection with YAG laser

After cataract surgery, when the clouded lens has been removed, the posterior chamber may gradually become cloudy, resulting in blurred vision, like in cataract.

During laser discision of the secondary cataract or posterior capsulotomy, a hole is made in the centre of the cloudy capsule, and vision is restored. 

How is laser discision of the secondary cataract performed?

Before the procedure, the patient is administered eye drops that dilate the pupil and cause short-term blurred near vision and sensitivity to light, that''s why you can''t drive a car after this laser treatment, blurred near vision and increased sensitivity to light is observed for about two hours. Then the patient is administered anaesthetic, preventive pressure reducing eye drops and anti-inflammatory eye drops.

On the day of the procedure, the eye may be slightly sensitive, rarely short-term peaks of intraocular pressure may occur, which are successfully treated with a short course of topical eye drops. After the procedure, anti-inflammatory eye drops should be administered for prevention for one week.

When is laser treatment not recommended?

The indications and contraindications for laser therapy are assessed and identified by your ophthalmologist.

It cannot be performed technically if the patient is unable to sit at the slit lamp or biomicroscope and is unable to follow the doctor's instructions during laser treatment.


  • Glaucoma selective laser trabeculoplasty 85.00 €
  • Glaucoma laser iridotomy 60.00 €
  • Secondary cataract dissection with YAG laser 45.00 €

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