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Date of publication: 24.05.2019.

GE Voluson E10 for particularly complicated cases

The most recent version of General Electric (GE) ultrasound machine Voluson E10 is now available for gynaecologists and obstetricians of Capital Clinic Riga, company of Veselības centrs 4 group. It is a highly valued expert class ultrasound machine used in gynaecology, reproductive medicine and perinatal diagnostics all over the world. Innovations in image quality, use of applications, and analysis of image quality ensure excellent performance of this equipment and precision in diagnostics. Along with standard examinations, this machine can also perform important additional examinations in gynaecology and obstetrics.


  • most measurements are made automatically, which reduces the service time and improves the service quality by standardizing the planes in which measurements are made;
  • 4D mode allows to see the changes in the female pelvic organs and evaluate the uterine cavity, possible abnormalities and masses in real time, allows to view and evaluate superficial tissues of the foetus (3D images of the foetus during any pregnancy, 4D real-time images reflecting baby movements, mimics, etc. in HD mode), and performs 3/4D bone visualisation;
  • possibility to carry out Doppler examination and make a very accurate evaluation of blood vessel condition by removing visualisation of surrounding tissues;
  • it ensures high quality images in cuts and panoramic images which allow more precise evaluation of the structure of the tissue in the area of ​​an organ;
  • reduced artefacts (noise and other disturbances) during examination allow to perform more precise evaluation of tissue structure;
  • improved tissue and boundary differentiation, expanded contrast visualisation opportunities to precisely assess tissue masses of any density, including masses with irregular shape;
  • the machine ensures impeccable image quality even for women with high body weight.

*The innovative Radiance System of the new Voluson E10 ultrasound machine provides new 2D and 3D/4D imaging standards and advanced applications to help detect complicated medical cases.
* Radiance System along with the first curved matrix electronic 4D probe combined with the eM6C ensures very good quality of examinations.

! In order to improve the physician's performance and quality of the services provided, specialists of Capital Clinic Riga company of ''Veselības centrs'' 4 group have started using the GE ViewPoint™ 6 workstation offering a unique ultrasound image management and reporting solution.  This function is particularly important in case of high-risk pregnancy as it enables to make precise foetal measurements and document them.


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