Date of publication: 19.05.2022.

More gentle bunion surgeries at the Baltic Vein Clinic

The technology of the Baltic Vein Clinic has been supplemented by a novelty - the unique Arthrex® DrillSaw Highspeed 200 ™ system for maximum gentle bunion surgery. The new technology allows for minimally invasive bunion (hallux valgus) and other orthopedic surgeries without sacrificing the high quality of the result. Juris Jukonis, a surgeon and traumatologist orthopedist at the Baltic Vein Clinic, talks about the new opportunities.

The course of the surgery
Thanks to the new system, the incision made during the surgery is very small, a cutting tool is inserted into it, which divides the bone, while preserving the surrounding soft tissues and skin. The position of the bone is adjusted according to the anatomical axis. With a special attachment, the bone is fixed in the correct position. The surgery with the new method is suitable for the average degree of deformation.

- There is no or minor and temporary swelling after the surgery.
Although the surgery does not affect the rate of bone healing (4 weeks), the process of wound healing and soft tissue regeneration becomes significantly faster - a few days instead of two weeks. This is important for the patient's well-being and quality of life, as the swelling in the foot area is usually prolonged and, to reduce it, the patient must be at rest with the foot raised, which significantly and permanently reduces freedom of movement.
- Shorter rehabilitation time after surgery. A smaller surgical wound means less bleeding, so less swelling, pressure, pain and faster adjustment of the foot to the corrected condition.

New options in orthopedic surgery
The Arthrex® DrillSaw Highspeed 200™ system will be used not only for first toe or thumb surgery, but also for metatarsalgia. What does it mean? The foot should normally rest on the 1st and 5th metatarsals. In metatarsalgia, the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals change position by sliding down and overloading the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals. When walking, the patient feels burning pain in the underside of the foot. This can lead to fractures of the bones. If this condition is found, a correction is made - the joint bones are returned to the correct level.

The Arthrex® DrillSaw Highspeed 200™ system can also be used to relieve the condition in the case of so-called hammer toes (when the toes are in close contact or even intersecting).

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