Date of publication: 10.05.2022.

The first in the Baltics - SmartPico laser only at our Dermatology Clinic

SmartPico laser for the removal of pigmentation and tattoos and the rejuvenation of the skin

During life, we almost inevitably experience unwanted skin pigmentation - dark pigment spots, age spots, acne scars, sun-induced hyperpigmentation, weary or poor quality tattoos.  The gold standard for eliminating such problems is laser procedures. The medical technology industry is developing new, even more efficient laser technology solutions, and they are being implemented in the practice of the branches of ''Veselības centrs 4'' (Health Center 4) almost immediately.  The dermatologists of the Dermatology Clinic have the latest SmartPICO laser from the manufacturer DEKA (Italy), which makes the fight against unwanted pigmentation even more effective.

SmartPICO laser exposure

  • Removal of pigmentation: SmartPICO laser allows you to get rid of skin pigmentation defects - hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun damage, melasma, acne and inflammatory pigmentation - even faster.
  • Tattoo removal: The SmartPICO laser breaks down the tattoo pigment more effectively, so fewer procedures are required for complete tattoo removal.
  • Anti-aging effect: procedures with SmartPICO laser promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin - the skin regains elasticity, becomes smoother and looks rejuvenated.


SmartPico Trattamento 3 Tondo 700x700                           

Advantages of the SmartPico laser

  • Intense effect on pigment
  • high accuracy
  • short course of procedures

The main advantage of the SmartPICO laser is the particularly effective action on the pigment. The laser emits short energy impulses, which act intensively on the skin, breaking down the pigment into very fine particles. The laser allows you to adjust the required pulse length - pico or nano seconds. It is adjusted by your physician depending on the intensity and freshness of the tattoo or pigment. The pigment particles split with the SmartPICO laser are smaller than with other lasers, thus removing tattoos that have not been possible with other laser technologies. The broken pigment is excreted naturally.

The SmartPICO laser can simultaneously act on both the tattoo pigment and the scars caused by a failed tattoo or previous tattoo removal. The laser fractionation mode allows you to soften and smooth the scar tissue in the form of small dots.

The SmartPICO laser is extremely accurate. Although its energy pulses are highly concentrated, the laser is gentle on the outer layer of the skin, so no burns occur.

SmartPico Trattamento 2 Tondo 700x700

Course duration

  • To eliminate pigmentation: 3-4 procedures with an interval of 3-4 weeks.
  • For tattoo removal: depending on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, the tattoo technique.
  • Anti-aging procedures: the duration of the course is determined by a specialist depending on the client's goal and skin condition.

The winning combination

In order to make the result of rejuvenating procedures faster and more noticeable, the specialists of the Dermatology Clinic in addition to SmartPICO laser procedures also recommend carbon peeling for the immediate effect of radiant skin.


  • pregnancy;
  • a recent tattoo (less than 6 months old);
  • inflammation in the area to be treated;
  • herpes infection;
  • use of certain medicines, etc.

Apply for the procedure:

Dermatology Clinic

Skanstes street 50, Riga
Phone: 67847102;
[email protected] 

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