SIA ''Veselības centrs 4'' (Health Center 4) subscription (SB) and gift card (GC) usage conditions

SB and GC are an advance payment for receiving the service within a certain period of time.

The sum of the nominal value of SB and GC is not returned in full or in part.

The value of SB and GC (in whole or in part) can be used:

  • for the receipt of another service, if due to medical reasons it is not possible to continue receiving the initiated service and the client has a written medical report confirming this;
  • in any other branch of SIA ''Veselības centrs 4;
  • by transferring it for use to another person;
  • after the expiry of the term of validity on the basis of a written application to the administration of the branch;
  • changes in the receipt of the service must be notified to the branch reception within 24 hours before the scheduled visit.