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Most Popular Medical Services in Health Center 4

Foreign patients are mostly interested in:

  • Diagnostics, preventive medicine, health screening programmes or check-up with the opportunity to undergo examinations using the cutting-edge premium-class magnetic resonance imaging devices, ultrasound, computed tomography and other devices, make high-quality genetic tests and get professional recommendations from specialists in preventive medicine. For the patients'' convenience, Health Center 4 specialists developed check-up programmes ''Standard'', ''Bronze'', ''Silver'', ''Gold'' and ''Platinum'' separately for females and males of different age groups before 40 and after 40 years, and specialised cardiac health, fitness and endocrine health screening programs. Programmes are selected for each patient individually. Each programme includes visits to recommended physicians, examinations and tests. You can get a general assessment of your health and recommendations regarding the necessary treatment within a few days. Experienced experts will recommend you diet and level of physical activity.
  • Phlebology or vein treatment, vein surgeries with the application of world-renown techniques and their combinations. Patients can select vein surgeries performed using a laser, radiofrequency method, steam micro impulse method, and an innovative vein treatment method with biological adhesive. All these methods are mild and require local anaesthesia. In case of vein closing surgery using biological adhesion, there is no need to use anaesthesia or wear vein compression stockings. Patients can immediately go home and return to their daily activities on the following day after the manipulation.
  • Proctology involves innovative solutions for haemorrhoids and other proctological issues. The technical support of the Health Center 4 Proctology Service is at a very high level, which provides ample opportunities to assist patients in the best way using all world-renown haemorrhoid treatment techniques (LONGO, STARR, HET, HAL- RAL, Liga Sure, THDc.) which are exclusive and effective treatment techniques. The most innovative technique of HET™ (Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy) bipolar ligation system is also applied. A new method for haemorrhoids treatment has recently appeared – radio frequency (EVRF) procedure RAFAELO®. It allows eliminating haemorrhoids at any stage. Patients no longer need general anaesthesia, and it is performed under local anaesthesia in a procedure room.
  • Dermatology involves solutions for the skin health issues using modern diagnostic and laser therapy devices in the largest and most modern specialised dermatology clinic in Latvia.
  • Anti-ageing medicine, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery – modern medicine provides the opportunity to get slow age effect, be beautiful and satisfied with life at any age. Promptly growing demand for these services resulted in establishment of a new clinic ''Anti-Aging Institute'' in 2019.