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Occupational disease physician or occupational physician is specialising in the diagnostics and therapy of diseases caused by work conditions that are hazardous for human health, as well as performs mandatory health checks. Occupational therapist evaluates the conditions of work, influence thereof on human health and vice versa - the conformity of the health status of employee to the specific nature of the particular job.

Occupational physician consultations are necessary:

  • For the submission of a certificate regarding health check to the employer;
  • For the submission of a certificate regarding annual health check to the employer;
  • If the disease or health problem is associated with hazardous work conditions.

People, who perform works that are associated with potential risk for the health of other people must undergo mandatory health checks. Furthermore, if the health condition of people can be affected by hazardous factors of work environment, they must undergo mandatory health checks. Mandatory health check must be performed upon the commencement of labour relations: once every 1 - 3 years; as the hazardous work conditions or special conditions change; at the request of an occupational disease physician; at the request of the employee; at the initiative of the employer; pursuant to the recommendation of labour safety specialist or a fiduciary.

Occupational physician informs solely the employee regarding their health status. In the report provided to the employer, the occupational physician indicates only whether the health status is appropriate or inappropriate for the performance of the current work, as well as makes recommendations, for instance – whether the employee must use means of vision correction, while working at the computer.

The documents required for the health check are the referral for the mandatory health check by the employer (MHC card), passport or personal ID certificate (eID card).

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