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Audio speech therapist is a physician, who performs the assessment, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of communication skills, speech, language, phonation, voice and swallowing disorders in children, as well as adults. Audio speech therapist practices at therapeutic and rehabilitation institutions of medical profile.

Meanwhile speech therapist is a medical support specialist, who works at institutions of educational profile.

Alarm signals that point to the need of visiting an audio speech therapist:

  • Insufficient oral and motor skills in early age: weak suction, excessive salivation during the first year of life, limited biting, chewing and swallowing skills during meals during the second year of life.
  • Prolonged non-verbal communication with gestures in children in their second year of life, use of transformations of certain words in verbal speech.
  • The difficulty of the surrounding people to understand the speech of the child and symptoms of the weakness of speech muscles in the child: opened mouth, insufficient closure of the lips, low mobility of the tongue, inappropriate occlusion, phonation through the nose or nasality.

National Health Service (NHS), insurance company and paid services are available.

The service is available in the following branches

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