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Five alarm signals that point to the need of visiting an endocrinologist

aused by hormonal and metabolism regulation disorders (diabetes mellitus, adiposity, growth and development disorders), as well as diseases of internal secretory glands (thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, testes).

Endocrinologists must face rare diseases or diseases with non-typical manifestations of diseases more frequently than physicians of other specialities. Deep knowledge and extensive clinical experience is required to treat these diseases.

Five alarm signals that point to the need of visiting an endocrinologist

  • If you feel thirsty, often urinate, if you body weight changes, there is itching of the skin, there are ulcers on feet, if you have blurred vision.
  • The thyroid gland increases and has palpable nodules in it (or increases without nodules), the eyes increase in size, they are inflamed, eyelids are inflamed, feeling hot or cold, heart palpitations.
  • Rapid increase in blood pressure, which cannot be controlled by regular medications, attacks of palpitations, sweating and headaches.
  • Growth and development disorders, discharge from mammary glands,
  • Changes in face, feet and hand fingers, red stria on the abdomen, in the armpits, or in the chest. Appearance of hirsutism in women with menstrual disorders.

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