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General practitioner diagnoses and treats most diseases that can be either acute or chronic and on certain cases recommends what specialist to address for assistance. For faster recovery of the patient and more effective consultation with the specialist, the general practitioner performs the required examinations prior to that.


It is the physician, who is the first to help resolving almost any health related problem, except for emergency and life threatening diseases, which usually require involvement of the Emergency Medical Service.

General practitioner must act as a fiduciary of the patient on medical issues, a person, who knows all their medical history, as well as other concerns, emotional and life conditions that can affect patient''s health. 

Prevention, diagnostics of diseases, efficient and correctly selected further therapy – all that can be done at the practice of a general practitioner. General practitioners deal with:

  • Scheduled patient consultations,
  • Accepting patients with acute diseases,
  • Preventive examinations,
  • Therapy in the event of a disease or preparation for specialist consultations (by performing the required examinations),
  • Issue of work incapacity certificates;
  • Preparation for the receipt of disability benefits;
  • Issue of different health-related certificates, etc.

There are general practitioners employed by the state, as well as private (paid) general practitioners in Latvia. Prior registration is required to visit a state general practitioner (a physician, who has contractual relations with the National Health Service (NHS).

Both state and private general practitioners may diagnose and treat, however, certain differences exist. A significant difference lies in the fact that state compensated medications can be prescribed by state general practitioner only. However, any resident of Latvia may be consulted by any paid general practitioner.

National Health Service (NHS), insurance company and paid services are available.

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