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Infectologist is a physician, who specialises in the diagnostics, therapy and prevention of infectious diseases, consults patients with suspected gastrointestinal, infections, viral hepatitis, tick borne encephalitis, diphtheria, HIV and other infections.

A consultation of an infectologist is required, if:

  • There is a disease, which proceeds with a high body temperature of unclear origin;
  • An infectious disease is present (viral, bacterial or parasitic infection) and therapy thereof exceeds the competence of a general practitioner (laryngitis, influenza, pneumonia, intestinal infection, urinary tract infection, Lyme borreliosis, and others);
  • If infection involves resistant micro-organisms (MRSA, ESBL and others);
  • Liver disease occur, most frequently they are different types of hepatitides, fatty liver, hepatic steatosis, etc.;
  • In the event of antibiotic use induced diarrhoea (Clostridium difficile infection);
  • There are questions on prevention, immunisation, including immunisation before travel abroad;

When visiting an infectologist, take all disease related medical reports and opinions that have been issued by hospitals, outpatient institutions and medical professionals to the visit. During the conversation with the patient, the physician will find out the complaints, review the examination reports and specify the health problem. If required, the physician will refer the patient for additional examinations: tests, imaging examinations, etc.

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