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A surgeon is a physician with knowledge of pathogenesis, diagnostics, principles of treatment and prevention of surgical diseases. A surgeon has to have many skills when working in an outpatient clinic. During the visit, a surgeon not only carefully examines a patient, but also, if necessary, performs several minor surgical manipulations.

A surgeon assesses the danger of a particular disease or injury and then acts operatively. If necessary, a physician recommends consulting with a highly specialised surgeon, for example, a vascular surgeon, a microsurgeon, a proctologist. etc.

Red flags for visiting a surgeon:

  • Injuries: soft tissue injuries, fractures, luxations, burns and frostbites.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: osteoarthrosis, inflammation of muscles and soft tissues, aseptic bone necrosis.
  • Diseases of abdominal and pelvic organs.
  • Vascular diseases.
  • Different formations.
  • Purulent surgical diseases: furuncles, carbuncles, phlegmons, abscesses, hidradenitis (inflammation of sweat glands), mastitis (inflammation of mammary glands) etc.
  • Wounds, trophic ulcers, pressure ulcers.
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