A specialist of osteopathy consults, diagnoses and treats patients not only with back pain or headache related disorders, but also helps to solve problems causes by allergies, incontinence, some forms of infertility, as well as to treat gastrointestinal and other types of diseases. Osteopathic diagnostics are based on the examination of a patient in a static and dynamic (movement) states, palpation (nuanced diagnostics through tactile sensations), detection of flexibility changes, as well as detection of biomechanic interconnections.

Treatment includes a broad range of manual (hand) techniques. The choice of techniques is individual and depends on the patient's age, physical and psychoemotional condition. An osteopath collaborates with specialists from other fields and, when necessary, a patient is referred to a suitable specialist.

Experienced osteopathic physician Andris Zemītis is consulting patients in the ''Health Centre 4'' subsidiary ''Baltic Vein Clinic''. He is also the founder of the Osteopathic Medicine School at the University of Latvia Institute of Postgraduate Education.

In the enterprise ''Capital Clinic Riga'' of the ''Health Centre 4'', there's a special opportunity to use the highest advancement of medical technology in the field of osteopathy – the therapeutic device ''Manuthera® 242'', which currently is the only one of its kind in the Baltics.

Specialist of osteopathy Ilona Dorofejeva is the first specialist in the Baltics who have been trained in the use of this device. Ilona Dorofejeva has also been awarded with the Annual Medicine Award in 2017.

  • ''Manuthera® 242'' - the most versatile treatment couch in the world! It's based on a unique, patented technology created by Finnish experts.
  • ''Manuthera® 242'' is applicable for manipulations and treatment, as well as for mobilisation of patients. It provides perfect conditions for specialists in working with patients, whereas the patients get the best diagnostic and therapeutic results.



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