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A podologist is a foot care specialist with medical education. He can correct ingrown nails, treat plantar warts, warts, heel fissures, foot hyperkeratosis (skin thickening), fungal skin and nail infections, substitute nails with prostheses, consult and advice on foot care and treatment.

A podologist performs therapeutical pedicure with sterile instruments – a hygienic procedure for treating toe nails and foot skin that also ensures foot treatment. Special podiatric devices are used for therapeutical pedicure that have a high rotation velocity, suction, spraying and air supply functions for treating foot skin and toe nails.

The water is replaced with skin disinfection and softening agents, as well as therapeutical foot care agents are applied. Dry environment prevents various fungal, wart and other infections.

During the first visit, the specialist examines the feet and toe nails. If necessary, he takes samples (microscopy, bacterial/fungal cultures etc.) or refers the patient for further examinations, for example, to a dermatologist, an orthopaedist, phlebologist or endocrinologist.

We offer:

  • Consultation of a foot care specialist;
  • Therapeutic foot care;
  • Diagnostics of fungal infections;
  • Foot infection treatment with laser;
  • Correction of ingrown nails;
  • Nail correction with wire technologies (Podofix, CombiPed, GoldSpange, Podostripe);
  • Treatment of plantar warts;
  • Nail correction and modelling with therapeutical gel;
  • Footwear disinfection;
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) of warts, plantar warts and other skin formations.


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