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Psychiatry is a medical discipline that deal with research, diagnostics, prevention and pharmaceutical treatment of psychoemotional disorders.

Psychiatrist is a physician with a comprehensive medical education, who also employs various methods of psychotherapy. They often include work with the patient's relatives, sometimes even supporting them in solving social problems. Psychiatrists are prepared to treat not only depressions, but also to see the each person completely as a whole behind it in their specific situation and time. Physicians, also psychiatrists, unlike psychologists, are healthcare professionals with a legal responsibility about the diagnostic procedure and recommended treatment.

Psychotherapy is a professional, structured and goal-oriented conversation (dialogue) with a patient individually or in a group, together with the family or the partner. It can involve working with people who have experienced hard and sudden losses. The conversation brings back the ability to notice even the tiniest thing or a condition that the patient may dare to change ''here and now'', without postponing it. The next step is to practice and test your new, different self and different judgements, trying out ''whether it suits me'' or ''can i do this''.

Psychotherapist is a psychiatrist that has learned psychotherapy.

The purpose of the therapy is:

  • To help to be aware and get over difficult life situations;
  • To recognize the emotions, qualities, thinking patterns, behaviour that hinders personal growth and is a reason for health, relationship, professional and other problems;
  • To improve self-control and learn how to manage your own life better;
  • To learn to take responsibility for your own actions, as well as to recognize the limits of your responsibility and that of the others;
  • To accept losses and limitations;
  • To achieve meaningful and productive level of functioning.


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