A sports physician mainly deals with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system resulting from sports activities.

Very often, when treating injuries and diseases, the sports physician works closely with other specialists – traumatologist, radiologist, general practitioner, physiotherapist, technical orthopaedist, nutritionist, etc. The sports physician performs and/or prescribes necessary investigations.

After evaluating the results of all investigations, the sports physician issues an opinion on physical health, physical strength assessment, recommendations on the most suitable sports, recommended intensity and duration of exercise, nutrition of the athlete and other issues. In case of injury or overload, the doctor prescribes the best treatment and rehabilitation.

The patient's age, health status, existing and previous illnesses, fitness level, sports skills, current physical activity, personal motivation, goals and opportunities should be taken into account to identify appropriate physical activity.

The doctor will ask the patient about their general state of health, physical activity, its impact on health, and the chosen sport. If you want to start training, the doctor will perform and prescribe the necessary diagnostics – measurement of blood pressure, pulse rate, electrocardiogram, bicycle exercise test or cardiopulmonary (complex) exercise test, if necessary, prescribe other investigations – tests, consultations with other specialists, etc. When going for a consultation, it is recommended to bring the results of the investigations performed over the last year, so that you do not have to repeat the investigations unnecessarily.

A full range of diagnostic investigations are available in the branches and companies of Veselības centrs 4 group, as well as consultations with other specialists, if necessary, and rehabilitation.

When should I see a sports doctor?

  • If you are an athlete or a fan of active lifestyle, but you do not have a supervising sports doctor.
  • If you want to get active in sports.
  • If your profession (police officer, fire-fighter, pilot, driver, etc.) is physically and emotionally demanding.
  • In case of a sports injury or overload.
  • In case of any complaints about heart functions, breathing problems, blood pressure abnormalities or other complaints during sport activities or outside them.
  • Children and adolescents before active sports training.

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