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An orthopaedic technician is a functional specialist who examines the limitations of a patient's posture, gate, movements and the functional disorders of the joints. External aiding devices are chosen for patients with musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

The specialists assess the need to make and adapt medical technical constructions (for example, prostheses, aiding devices for limbs and the body – orthoses, bandages, etc.). 

A physician examines the overall state of the limbs, symmetry of the body, alignment of the anatomical axes, using a podoscope and a posturometer, the range of the motions for the hip, knee and leg joints. He also performs podometry – digital assessment of the foot load in a static and dynamic state, using pressure-sensitive plates.

If possible, biomechanical analysis of a video record of the patient's gate and running movements is performed. If the complaints are associated with the previous diagnoses, the patient should definitely take previous test results with him (including radiology and ultrasonography results), as well as the conclusion of other physicians about the possible diseases.

Based on the data, orthoses (orthopaedic soles are orthoses for feet) or orthopaedic boots might be considered to treat the pathology, correct or compensate the deformity, as well as to relieve the pressure on the pressure areas.

An orthopaedic technician can offer pre-made or custom-made foot orthoses and consult about external aiding devices.

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