The Author: Latvijas Avīze / Veselības centrs 4

A traumatologist-orthopaedician (a physician of the musculoskeletal system) is specialized in the diagnostics and treatment of the injuries of joints, bones, muscles and other structures of the musculoskeletal system.

During the visit, after careful examination of the patient, the traumatologist-orthopaedician prepares an individual treatment plan, prescribes conservative, as well as surgical treatment, if required. Quite often, patients need complex treatment and individual rehabilitation. Therefore, the traumatologist-orthopaedician cooperates with other specialists closely.

Traumatologists-orhopaedicians offer a broad spectrum of surgeries, including arthroscopic ones, which are performed for basically all joints. Commonly, they are performed for the knee joint, the shoulder joint and the foot.

Surgical corrections of the foot deformities are common. Examples include surgical correction of hallux valgus (a toe deformity), treatment of hammer toes (the second and the third one), narrowing of a broad foot; correcting misaligned toe axes.

Hallux valgus is often accompanied by pain and swelling. Using kinesiology tapes, the gap above the painful area is increased, which substantially reduces pain and swelling and improves the range of motions.

Since foot reconstruction includes more than 30 different surgeries, technologies, implants and fixators, even very severe foot deformities can be corrected, and the normal anatomy and functionality of the feet can be restored.

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