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A trichologist deals with diagnostics of the hair and scalp diseases, prepares a treatment plan for hair loss, excessive hair growth and scalp skin problems, and provides specific treatment.

Treatment success is possible only through a comprehensive approach to the problem, from precise diagnostics, adequate treatment to active follow-up.

Red flags for visiting a trichologist:

  • Increased hair loss within a short period of time (up to two weeks); the total hair loss is noticeable.
  • If hair loss doesn't stop and continues for more than three months.
  • If the hair falls out in patches and there are irregular areas with no hair or with broken hair on the head.
  • If you have intense itch of the head, crusts or signs of inflammation and discomfort.
  • If the hair becomes thinner irreversibly over a period of several years and you have bold family members.

The most common causes of hair loss

  • Androgenetic alopecia or so-called male baldness. Women can have it too.
  • Diffuse hair loss most commonly caused by acute or chronic diseases, different deficits and reactions to drugs.
  • Up to 1,7% of people experience patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), that can manifest both as a few small hairless areas or large merged hairless areas.

Nowadays, several innovative pharmaceutical hair treatment methods are available, for example:

  • plasma injections into the skin (platelet rich fibrin or PRF);
  • laser procedures for hair loss;
  • mesotherapy procedures;
  • mesenchymal stem cell therapy, etc.


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