The spectrum of work of a vertebrologist is related to changes in the patient's spine – acute and chronic diseases of the neck, chest, lumbar, sacrum and caudal bone, including various spinal injuries. A vertebrologist is a specialist who not only consults, but is also able to perform surgeries.

Alarms that require a visit to a vertebrologist

  • Pain in the spine. Despite treatment, they continue for more than 2 weeks or after serious spinal injuries.
  • Pain, tingling, ''ants'' radiating to the legs or arms for more than 2 weeks.
  • Weakness appears in one of the muscle groups in the legs or arms.
  • Particular care should be taken if pain in the spine persists while lying down, such as at night. This may indicate severe inflammation of the vertebrae, tumors or infection of the spine.

If you have had spinal surgery or have had any injuries to your musculoskeletal system, you should take an inpatient transcript to a physician's consultation and you should tell your doctor about, for example, the course of treatment and rehabilitation in the post-operative period.

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