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A speech and language therapist is a functional specialist who performs examination, diagnostics, correction and rehabilitation in the case of communication, speech/language, phonation and swallowing disorders. He helps the children with delayed development, specific speech, language and learning disorders.

You should visit a speech and language therapist, if your child has problems with the articulation of specific sounds, sound mixing or replacing, inability to pronounce specific sounds, speech pacing and rhythm disorders, stuttering, chewing and swallowing problems, increased salivation and in other cases.

The services:

  • Functional development diagnostics – assessment of the psychomotor development in toddlers up to 3 years of age;
  • Examination of the communication and hearing function in children who rarely speak;
  • Speech therapy for children with functional speech and hearing disorders: dyslalia, alalia, logoneurosis etc.
  • Alternative communication with children with limited speech: autism, Down syndrome, etc.

Different speech therapy methods are used:

  • Touch therapy for babies (the butterfly technique);
  • Logopaedic massage of the facial and oral area (Morales' method);
  • Logorhythmics for developing sense of speech and rhythm;
  • Stimulation of the senses (vision, hearing, tactile sense) with development toys
  • Myofunctional exercises (articulation apparatus: exercises for the lips, tongue, palate and jaw) in the form of games;
  • Phonopaedic or voice exercises for correcting the airflow during speech;
  • Graphomotor exercises for improving fine motor skills;
  • Use of aiding devices in the case of problematic communication (impaired hearing, neurological and genetic disorders)
  • Logopaedic taping, etc.

The service is available in the following branches

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