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A Montessori therapist is using a method that is recognized around the world and was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori for children in all stages of physical and mental development that can be expressed by three basic rules.

Look at your child! You must observe the child's spontaneous behaviour and create an environment where he can operate. The observer must be able to assess and understand. There should be conditions and opportunities to express oneself.

Don't interrupt your child! You should allow him to do anything that is not harmful to him, others and the environment. You should have patience and allow the child do things on his own without rushing and interrupting.

Help the child to do things on his own! You should ensure that the child has opportunities to learn the skills. You should show the child how to do things properly and how to cooperate.

Montessori therapy in combination with speech and language therapy, can bring wonderful results in promoting a child's development, if necessary.

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