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Contemporary method of medical imaging diagnostics, which enables high resolution analysis of eye tissue cross-section, by obtaining instant analysis of the cross-section of retina, optic nerve, cornea, anterior chamber angle, as well as photo documentation of the retina. It helps analysing the peculiarities of retinal surface, structure of retina, thickness of retinal nervous fibre layer, allows to perform structural analysis of the optic nerve.

The examination is painless, without contact with the surface of the eye and safe for health.

This examination is indispensable at times, when it is required to test, whether a customer has a glaucoma – then the measurement of the thickness of retinal nervous fibre layer around the optic nerve is required, which can be made by means of this unique equipment. It is important, because reduced RNFL (retinal nerve fibre layer) points to early glaucoma-like changes.

Thus, the defect can be diagnosed much faster than it could be done without the OCT, because the computerised examination of the visual field, which is assumed to be the gold standard, detects change, when a large amount of optic nerve fibre has already been lost.

OCT can be used for the diagnostics of eye diseases, to track the dynamic change of the disease as it progresses, as well as to assess the efficiency of therapy.


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