Dry eye syndrome is the most common cause of visual discomfort and red, irritated eyes. With the LACRYDIAG device, the layers of the tear film that change in the case of a dry eye can be examined in detail.

This examination is done easily and quickly, in about 4 minutes. The dry eye diagnostic device provides four types of non-contact examinations:

  • tear lipid layer diagnostics or interferometry;
  • diagnostics of the inner layer of the mucin or tear film, determining the stability of the tear film (N.I.B.U.T.  (non-invasive break up time);
  • diagnosis of the aqueous layer of tears or tear meniscus;
  • meibography or Meibomian gland diagnostics.

The LACRYDIAG test is recommended if you have the following symptoms:

  • frequent eye inflammation;
  • sore eyes, feeling of foreign body or sand in the eyes;
  • dryness or tearing;
  • visual discomfort;
  • hypersensitivity to light;
  • eye pain or tiredness (difficult to read, watch TV, drive a car);
  • transient blurred or double vision.

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