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FotoFinder is a method, which, uses special photo cameras, software and scientific analysis systems, and enables the determining of skin malignancy risk, melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers at early stages.

A highly qualified physician, who specialises in dermoscopy, performs dermoscopy of the entire body by using photographic images and videodermoscopy, and developing a skin passport, which includes precise documentation of all neoplasms of the skin - information on the skin condition of face, body, as well as feet. The artificial intellect support of FotoFinder enables the comparison of all images of skin lesions within a comprehensive data base and provide an automatic and mathematically substantiated analysis. During a repeated examination, new and/or altered skin lesions are precisely identified by demonstrating the dynamic change of the size, shape and density of the lesion, thus ensuring the detection of a probable malignant lesion as promptly as possible.

A computerised hair analysis technology FotoFinder Trichoscale is available for the assessment of hair defects, which determines different hair parameters - hair density, hair thickness, growing hair, as well as the number of hairs that are not growing. The option of digital documenting enables monitoring of therapy results, and, respectively, correcting therapy plan. The examination method is precise, safe and painless (hair is not removed), hair cosmetics may be used before and after the examination.


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