The Author: Veselības centrs 4

Computed tomography is an examination method that uses x-ray radiation. In contrast from X-ray examinations, several images of cross-sections of body parts are obtained during computed tomography (3D reconstructions). Computed tomography is used for the examination of the skull, thorax, abdominal organs, vertebral column either with or without a contrast agent. Since the technologies develop very fast, Veselības centrs 4 regularly upgrades the devices of the previous generations with the most modern and best devices, thus offering the most precise diagnostics to the customers. For instance, the newest 128 layer computed tomography device Revolution EVO made by medical technologies producer General Electric (GE) is available at the branch Diagnostikas Centrs of Veselības centrs 4, Ltd. The producer GE has managed to unite the leading concepts of computed tomography technology in one device - Revolution. High resolution, impeccable operation speed and an opportunity to obtain excellent cross-sectional images – these parameters have differed in different devices to date – each device was better in terms of some parameter, the other was best according to another parameter, however now all these significant parameters are excellent and merged in one device. This is ensured by means of an absolutely new imaging chain developed by GE, which is revolutionary in the area of computed tomography.


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