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The ultrasound examination of leg veins is prescribed for patients with suspected venous insufficiency of leg veins.

This method is used to perform:

  • Examinations of deep and superficial venous system of legs and arms;
  • Diagnostics of venous thrombosis and monitoring of dynamic change thereof;
  • Diagnostics of congenital venous pathology;
  • Determining of incompetent vein sections and perforating veins;
  • Determining of venous obstruction (thrombosis);
  • evaluation of venous flow in deep and superficial veins in order to commence prompt and correct therapy in the event of various venous diseases.

Diagnoses potential atherosclerotic stenoses in leg arteries. Stenoses of leg arteries are especially characteristic for patients, who smoke. 

National Health Service (NHS), insurance company and paid services are available.

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