Ultrasound examination of joints, connective tissue, muscles, tendons

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The Author: Veselības centrs 4

Ultrasound method enables the assessment of the condition of joints and superficial soft tissue.

Furthermore, the new 18 megahertz probes that are currently available are capable of visualising peripheral nerves.

Joint USG examination is used:

  • To assess the amount of fluid in the joints and joint bursae:
  • In the event of muscle and soft tissue traumas – to assess ruptures of muscles, tendons and joints, haematomas in the tissue;
  • To prevent joint and tendon inflammation;
  • To partially assess the potential condition of the cartilage, meniscus;
  • To evaluate superficial lesions of soft tissue (including benign and other tumours).

National Health Service (NHS), insurance company and paid services are available.

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