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Sonoelastography - a non-invasive and painless examination method that has been developed based on the ultrasound examination of the soft tissue. During the process of elastography, the tissue is subjected to increased pressure. The main advantage of the method – high sensitivity.

This method supplements ultrasound examination by means of a special software that can determine different elasticity models of a particular tissue group. Thus, the character of the lesion can be determined more precisely, the form of the malignant tumour can be determined and cancer can be detected even at its early stages.

Sonoelastography examination is performed for:

  • Breasts;
  • Thyroid gland;
  • Liver.

Premium segment Philips Epique 5 and Philips Epique 7 ultrasound devices at the disposal of the physicians at Veselības centrs 4, Ltd. allow using ElastPQ Shear Wave elastography technology. It is based on unique pulsation schemes thanks to which measurements of absolute tissue density can be obtained. It is currently most efficient of commercially available elastography technologies.

This type of elastography is also much more objective due to the parameters of the ultrasound impulses that are used and, therefore, this examination does not subjectively depend on ultrasound specialist – the force and frequency of palpation movements made by them. Specialised ultra-fast ultrasound devices are required for Shear-Wave elastography.

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