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The innovative diagnostic device 3D Life Vi', which enables to perform a wide range of diagnostic procedures of the facial and body skin for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. This is the only diagnostic device of the type in all Baltic States.

The three dimensional (3D) imaging system is used to take photos of the face or another body part from different angles and to obtain a high quality 3D image. Then a special software is used o process and analyse the obtained data, to review magnified areas of skin, as well as to perform 3D modelling of the image.

The technology automatically, in accordance with established grading system, marks problem areas / impaired areas and with high precision indicates the condition f the facial oval / drooping areas, shape of the face / asymmetry, allows to determine the number of wrinkles / stria and to examine their depth, determine the degree of cellulite, status of blood capillaries and subcutaneous collagen, pigmentation, solar (UV ray) damage, furthermore it enables visualisation not only of visually detectable, but also invisible subcutaneous impairments.

The customer can obtain credible data on the condition of their skin, type of skin, degree of greasiness, porosity of the skin, etc.

This technology is worldwide used as an excellent assistant to plastic surgeons to precisely model the desirable shapes of face and body. Furthermore, the customer can also visually observe the possible changes after the performance of certain manipulations.

Therefore this diagnostic technology is especially suitable for customers, who plan performance of laser plasty, injections, fillers, mesotherapy and other invasive procedures.

The data are electronically stored and compared after the performance of the respective manipulations. Furthermore, the technology guarantees the compatibility of the images after the performance of repeated diagnostics.

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