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Procedure – examination of metabolism by using the body metabolism, physical activity and life style monitoring system.

The patients receive a cuff, which must be work for several days (it is comfortable and does not interfere with daily activities).

The parameters that the data are obtained about are as follows:

  • Total energy consumption (how many calories are consumed during the day),
  • Energy consumption during physical activity,
  • Number of steps made per day,
  • Duration of physical activity of different intensity,
  • Duration of rest,
  • duration of sleep.

This information is very important, since the expected energy consumption that is calculated according to formulae frequently fails to comply with the actual energy consumption. Therefore some people can eat a lot and do not gain weight, while others need a few calories to rapidly gain weight. The consumption of calories during physical load also differs in different people.


Obtaining precise data of body metabolism and physical activity and analysing them in combination with nutrition and lifestyle diary allows to draw high precision recommendations and reach best results in therms of losing or gaining weight, as well as to draw up nutrition recommendations for athletes and people with different diseases (cardiological, endocrinological, etc.).

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