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During the biomechanical analysis of the running process, the customer warms up for 5–7 minutes and runs on the treadmill either in footwear or without it (depending on how they run in daily life). A video recording in two planes is performed (from the side and from the back).

The analysis allows to receive complete information on the technique of running; on how running affects the health, whether risk of trauma exists and how it can be preventively eliminated.

This allows to evaluate the efficiency of running at all phases thereof, based on the analysis of the video recording of the musculo-skeletal system motion model. It helps to determine the absorption mechanisms of repeated impact force, as well as the stability of the lower extremities, especially feet.

This analysis can be combined with cardiopulmonary stress test.

In the event of deviation, the recommendations on the improvement of the running technique can be developed with the purpose of protecting the body from traumas that can be caused by running due to feet instability, by using auxiliary technologies that involve footwear modification or specific physiotherapy.

A good solution for active sporty people to prevent the problem of overload in the ankles of the feet, knee and hip joints.

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