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Technical orthopaedician is a functional specialist, who assesses the posture, gait and motion disorders of the patients, functional disorders of body joint movement and assesses the need for an orthosis (orthopaedic insoles are feet orthoses) or orthopaedic footwear to treat the pathology of the feet, compensate or correct a deformation, as well as relieve pressure areas.

A series of examinations are are required for the establishing of the diagnosis, which are usually conducted within the framework of one consultation at the Veselības centrs 4 Ltd.

The specialist will assess the need to produce or adapt medically technical constructions (for instance, technical aids for extremities and body – orthoses, bandages, etc.).

History of symptoms, chronic diseases, occupational particulars, place of residence, physical activities and congenital factors, which could cause the complaints of the patient, are collected during the consultation. A series of examinations are required to determine the correct diagnosis. At high quality medical institutions these examinations are performed during a single consultation in an appropriately equipped office.

The physician performs general inspection of the upper and lower extremities, assesses the symmetry of the body and the conformity of anatomical axes by using a podoscope and posturometer, evaluates the range of motion in the hip, knee and joints of the lower leg, including podometry – by digitally evaluating the load on feet on pressure-sensitive plate while at rest and in motion.

If possible, the biomechanical video analysis of walking or running is performed. If the complaints are associated with previously diagnosed pathologies, the diagnostic examinations performed earlier must be taken to the consultation (including radiological and ultrasound examination reports), as well as opinions of other physicians regarding possible diseases.

Considering the obtained data, the need for orthosis (orthopaedic insoles are feet orthoses) or orthopaedic footwear for the therapy, correction or compensation of feet pathology, as well as relieving of pressure zones.

Technical orthopaedician offers prefabricated or individually adapted feet orthoses and production thereof, as well as consults on externally used auxiliary devices and need for them.

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