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Massage is one of the most ancient types of treatment enhancing health and joviality by touching.

Massage is useful in prevention and treatment of many diseases, it affects many systems of the organism individually, as well as the whole body. Nervous system activity is improved during massage, blood supply to skin is improved, thus facilitating the skin respiration. Tired and overloaded muscles are also relaxed, pain is reduced, cell metabolism and lymph outflow is improved. Massage also favourably affects the spine, joint and ligament system.

Veselības Centrs 4 offers:

  • Classical therapeutic massage.
  • Sculptural massage.
  • Underwater massage.
  • Verto massage (anti-age manual effect method directed on correction of age changes).
  • Manual lymph drainage.

Also offered are:

  • Reflector massage (incl. feet reflector massage)
  • Classical body massage with body peeling
  • Body massage with wrapping in chocolate
  • Massage with warm stones
  • Anti-cellulite honey massage for problematic zones
  • Massage with royal bamboo
  • Exotic massage with wood stones
  • Massage with buckwheat packets
  • Massage for pregnant women (when starting massages, gynaecologist observing the pregnancy must be previously consulted)

More info about massage for future and new mothers offered by Capital Clinic Riga here>>


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