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Mud is a unique nature product that started forming 2000 years ago by decomposing of flora and fauna products, therefore it contains many microorganisms. Therapeutic effect is provided by biologic, thermal, chemical and mechanical activity of mud.

During the therapy, tissues and cells are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients, metabolic processes accelerate and harmful substances are extracted from organism, hormonal activity and immune system activates. Mud therapy has an explicit regenerating, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, oedema-reducing and soothing effect, therefore it is sometimes used as an alternative to anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory and sedative medications.

Attention! Consultation and conclusion of the attending physician – specialist of respective field – is necessary, in order to perform applications.

May not be used:

  • in case of old myocardial infarction,
  • in case of oncologic diseases, tuberculosis, myoma,
  • during the last months of pregnancy,
  • in case of diseases, where blood circulation activation may cause negative consequences.

Rehabilitation Department uses sapropel (unique, 100% natural product extracted in Latvia – in the territory of Rāzna National Park from Lake Ubogova depths) for applications.

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