Physiotherapist is a specialist evaluating a person''s physical functional condition. After the patient''s examination and evaluation, suitable physiotherapy methods acceptable for the patient are chosen together with the patient (involving relatives, if necessary) for prophylaxis, treatment, recovery or improvement of functions.

Main physiotherapy treatment method is therapeutic exercises using active and passive exercises for improvement of muscle and respiratory functions, development of balance and coordination, as well as various special relaxation techniques, positioning, soft tissue technique and joint mobilization techniques, as well as other special methods.

Veselības Centrs 4 physiotherapists offer the following services:

  • physiotherapist''s consultation;
  • recommendations of basic principles of ergonomics and correct movement stereotypes;
  • manual therapy elements using soft tissue techniques;
  • sling therapy using RedCord equipment;
  • massage;
  • therapeutic exercises;
  • physiotherapy in posttraumatic period (performance of active/passive movements);
  • physiotherapy before/after replacement arthroplasty;
  • development of home exercise complex and training during individual sessions;
  • training of performance of movements and exercises for healthy people;
  • neuromuscular activation – NEIRAC in case of musculoskeletal problems;
  • therapeutic taping in case of various problems. Taping is also offered to pregnant women, e. g., in case of back pain, etc.;
  • development and application of individual rehabilitation sets in process of rehabilitation (treatment);
  • development of individual therapeutic exercises for exercising at home;
  • recommendations for using and purchasing walking aids, wheelchairs, splints and corsets.


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