The Author: Latvijas Avīze / Veselības centrs 4

Rehabilitologist, or physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, performs prophylaxis, diagnostics, treatment, prepares/manages rehabilitation plan for people of all age groups with changes caused by consequences of illnesses and injuries.

During the examination, much attention is paid to the patient''s build, bearing, pace, overall musculoskeletal system, as well as depending on complaints and the disease – to other organ systems. Detailed examination with determination of amount of movements and strength and tonus of muscles is performed according to the disease.

Having collected anamnesis, examined the patient and acquainted himself/herself with the previously performed examinations and treatments, physician prepares the rehabilitation plan agreed with the patient, since it must match his/her needs and real possibilities.

Help can also be provided in form of consultations, telling what examinations are to be performed, how the lifestyle can be changed and what can be the patient''s activities, as well as prescribing medications.

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